Translating Queer in the Andes

Professor Diego Falconi Travez, from the Univesitat Autonoma de Barcelona, will present the School of Languages and Literature seminar with a talk entitled, "Translating Queer in the Andes"

Queer politics and queer theory have been key elements to understand the development of gender discourse in the last years.  Following this idea, the term queer has helped to think critically about sexualities around the globe, as well as in local contexts.  Nevertheless, what happens when the word queer - turned from insult into a political statement - is not understood in other cultures?  Is there a colonial intent by trying to make queer a global term?  Is it possible to translate it into Spanish?  Is it as effective as it is in English?  Does literature and popular culture help in this translation?  In this talk, the translation of the word queer in the Andes will be presented as an example of the productive tensions generated in global and local dialogues.

Diego Falconi Travez (Quito, 1979) is an associate professor in the area of Literature at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and a visiting Law professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito.  He is the editorial chief of the Iuris Dictio Law Review and co-director of the research group Intertextos between law and literature.  His research revolves around comparative and literary analysis, law and normative, gay , lesbian and queer studies.  He has published several books and articles concerning these topics.  He received the prestigious Casa de las Americas Award in 2016 for the best literary essay.


Mon, 18 Mar 2019 - 16:50

106 Beattie Building, Upper Campus, UCT