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Education Development Unit

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The Faculty of Humanities Education Development Unit (EDU) is involved in a number of initiatives to enhance the experience of undergraduate students in the Faculty. The EDU aims to ensure that students have access to both psychosocial and academic support throughout their undergraduate careers. Some of these initiatives are:

Peer Mentorship Programme Senior students volunteer to act as Mentors to first-year students, help them adjust to university life (academic and social). Mentors can refer students to relevant campus offices should academic or psychosocial problems arise.
Odyssey Workshops A series of life-skills workshops known as the Odyssey Workshops that include topics useful to first-year students such as: psychosocial and academic adjustment to university, goal setting, time and stress management and exam preparation. Students sign up for these workshops during the first week of term.
Augmented Courses Additional tutorial and consultations offered alongside regular lectures to support  students with their academic studies during their first year.


The Extended Degree programme:

An applicant who does not meet the minimum stipulated criteria for the Faculty General Degrees but who demonstrates potential, may be eligible for consideration on the Extended Degree programme. In the Faculty of Humanities, the Extended Degree takes the form of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) degree taken over four years (as opposed to three years). Students on the Extended Degree have access to augmented courses, foundation courses and workshops, mentorship and extended periods of registration.

For additional information on the Faculty of Humanities Extended Degree programme, visit the Education Development Unit website