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School of Dance

performInitially established in 1934 as the UCT Ballet School, the UCT School of Dance is the training ground of many generations of South African ballet dancers, some of whom have gone to achieve significant success, both in local ballet companies and those abroad. Over the decades the school broadened its base to incorporate other dance forms. Since 1998 both African Dance and Contemporary Dance are offered as full streams.

African Dance has aroused tremendous interest and currently all our students take modules in African Dance. The influence of this can be seen both in student choreography, which displays an earthy fusion of African dance styles, as well as in teaching methods which embody healthy, cross-cultural influences. Currently, graduates from the SoD are highly visible as performers and choreographers in a diverse range of local and international dance companies and as teachers in private, community, and state schools programmes.

Considered one of the foremost schools of dance on the African continent, the UCT School of Dance (SoD) has a long and proud tradition of training dancers, teachers and choreographers. It remains one of only two higher education institutions in South Africa which offer dance training programmes.

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