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School of Education

soe logoThe School of Education is a largely postgraduate interdisciplinary school in the Faculty of Humanities with research activities taking place across a number of important fields. These include studies in knowledge development and transfer (curriculum development, learning and acquisition, scientific literacy, maths, science and technology education, primary education), policy evaluation and support (evaluation studies, networks and partnerships, support services policy), studies in race, culture, identity and language, and adult education.

A significant number of staff serve as consultants to local and national government, to national commissions as well as to important education NGOs. The school has as its focus the improvement of the quality of education - making schools better at teaching and learning. This guides its research and its teaching programmes. Attached to the school are:

  • the Schools Development Unit (SDU) and
  • the Centre for Applied Language and Literacy Studies and Services in Africa (CALLSSA).

Many of our students who complete the professional qualifications teach at schools in South Africa and abroad, but some make their careers in related areas such as educational publishing and non-governmental organisations. Academic qualifications in education enhance students' access to promotion posts in schools, colleges and universities or within the national and provincial departments of education. A number of our graduates go on to teaching and research posts in universities and other higher education institutions.

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