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Environmental & Geographical Science

Environmental and Geographical Science at UCT is characterised by an integrated approach to the study of human-environment relations. The discipline requires the practitioner to draw on a range of knowledge and skills associated with the natural and social sciences. The student is offered a sound theoretical and practical training in the study of environmental and geographical sciences. The department is committed to the development of knowledge, understanding, and management of the interactions between humans and their social, biological, and physical life-support systems, and to the recognition of the values conducive to the sustained operation of these systems.

The department also has a large interdisciplinary research involvement. Some of the focus areas include climatology, climate-change issues, quaternary environments, soil erosion and land degradation, environmental management, urban issues, disaster risk management, third-world-development issues, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), and remote sensing.

Training in the field of environmental and geographical science may lead to career opportunities in fields such as environmental management, cartography, research, education, community development and tourism.

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