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Centre for Film & Media Studies

cfmsThe Centre for Film & Media Studies (CFMS) is the newest department in the Faculty of Humanities and is fast becoming one of the largest. The CFMS offers two majors and programmes in Film and Media Production:

  • The major in Film and Television Studies: this major offers a thorough grounding in the history, theory and analysis of film, especially narrative film. We also encourage creativity through storyboarding and scriptwriting.
  • The major in Media & Writing: this major weaves together theory and analysis of broadcast and print media with extensive creative practice.

The Centre for Film & Media Studies (CFMS) offers a variety of postgraduate possibilities. We particularly encourage those interested in part-time studies and people with a strong working background in film or media to think of doing an advanced degree, regardless of whether they have studied these subjects at an undergraduate level. Postgraduate work in Film and Media is either programme based or by dissertation. Programmes typically include four courses and a short dissertation or, in some cases, a creative project. We also offer the MA and PhD by research dissertation.

Students may in future be permitted to produce a creative piece as part of their senior dissertations and we already have one PhD student who is doing a film script and short film as a complement to her full-length dissertation. We encourage postgraduate students to apply for posts as tutors in the centre. Typically, this would involve tutoring in one of the large first year introductory courses in film or media, but in some cases we ask postgraduate students to take more senior courses if they have the right experience or qualifications. Some of our most exciting senior undergraduate seminars (for example, on Food Media, or Advertising, or the Business of Media, or Masculinity in Magazines, or Animation) have involved postgraduate students.

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