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Department of Knowledge & Information Stewardship

The Department of Knowledge & Information Stewardship (DKIS) is the oldest Library and Information Science (LIS) School in Africa, having first opened its doors to students in 1939. DKIS provides quality postgraduate programmes through innovative teaching and learning experiences based on a dynamic and relevant curricula. It remains a school of choice for LIS in Africa and offers courses such as Digital Curation, Research Librarianship, LIS Leadership and Management, Knowledge Management and Resource Description and Communication. These are some of the contemporary courses instrumental in providing students with vital skills to mediate a rapidly evolving ICT- driven information environment.

Accordingly, DKIS strives to produce a new generation of librarians and information professionals with competencies relevant to work in libraries as well as in corporate, government and non-governmental organisations where their skills are needed to manage the valuable assets of data and knowledge. Our graduates are integral to the knowledge economy and are hence trained to assist organisations to thrive in the knowledge economy. Thus our graduates are conversant with knowledge strategies, digital curation and linked data application and the organisation and management thereof for competitive advantage.

In an evolving information landscape, driven by technological advancements and where the need for dynamic and relevant programmes is critical, DKIS looks forward to, in the future, introducing blended learning and online options in its delivery of programmes.

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