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Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

mathsThe Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in the Science Faculty is one of the largest departments at the University of Cape Town. The department covers a broad range of activities and strives to combine excellence with equity. The members of the teaching staff are some of the best in the world and the department is proud to have staff who have an A-rating, which is awarded by the SA National Research Foundation (NRF) to those researchers who are considered to be world leaders in their field.

The department balances research into conceptually deep topics, such as categorical topology, with active and large-scale contract work in real-life topics, such as marine resource assessment. The department's vibrant research ethos is recognised nationally through the support of South Africa's National Research Foundation, and attracts students and research visitors from around the world.

We not only have a large postgraduate school, we also offer a course in Effective Numeracy to students without matric mathematics.

The department is involved in outreach activities and produces the Mathematical Digest, which is sent out quarterly to over 2 000 schools countrywide. The UCT Maths competition is organised by the department and is thought to be the largest of its kind.

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