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Study of Religions

The Department for the Study of Religions is committed to the open, plural, intercultural and interdisciplinary study of religion and religions in South Africa and the world.

We offer an open and dynamic approach to the study of religion that recognises the importance of creative and critical thinking about religion in a changing and culturally diverse South Africa. Most importantly, we aim to provide an understanding of religion that challenges and stimulates our students. To achieve these goals, we offer excellent courses, a focused and flexible undergraduate major, and a substantial postgraduate programme leading to Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Religious Studies.

Our postgraduate community currently includes students from Brazil and Norway, Uganda and Zambia, Korea and Indonesia, the UK and the US, and other places of origin (including Cape Town). The department has links with many international institutions and offers opportunities for student exchange with various universities, including the University of Uppsala (Sweden), Birmingham University (UK), Nairobi University (Kenya) and Emory University (US). The Clough Eastern Religion Travel Scholarship offers students the opportunity to travel and study religion in an Asian country of their choice.

Our postgraduate students have gone on to pursue successful careers in the academic arena as well as in the fields of social development, commerce, government, community work and media. 

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