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Scholarships and prizes

The Faculty administers the following undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, bursaries and prizes which have been established through the generosity of past and present donors. Details of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and bursaries can be found in Handbook 13: Bursary and Loan Opportunities for Undergraduate Study and in Handbook 14: Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Students. Details of the prizes can be obtained from the Departments concerned.

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All departments
Twamley Undergraduate Scholarship

Inter-faculty prize
In the field of social/political relations in the South African context
Arnold Wynne Prize

Centre for African Studies
Jack Simons Bursary
Harry Oppenheimer Scholarship

Ballet School Prize
Mignon Furman Prize
Eoan Group Ballet Bursary
Mary Renault Scholarship
Council Music Scholarships
Triegaardt Prize
Soroptomist Bursary
Joan Honiball Prize

Camps Bay Operatic and Dramatic Society Bursary Trust
Cecilia Sonnenberg Bursary
Eli Wallendorf Prize
Gretel Mills Book Prize
Leonard Schach Bequest
Louis Epstein Bursary
Moyra Fine Scholarship
Peter Lamsley Scholarship
Rosalie van der Gucht Award
Ruth Peffers Prize
Speech Training Scholarship
Victoria League English Speech Scholarship

School Of Education
Director of the School of Education Prizes
Whitton Award
The Marie Grant Memorial Book Prize

English Language and Literature
Dorothy Cavers Essay Prize
English Honours Book Award
Maruping Prize
Thelma Tyfield Prize

Centre For Film and Media Studies
Robin Cohen Prizes
Pete Katz Film Scholarship Lesley Marx Book Prize Jane Stadler Book Prize

Michaelis School of Fine Art
Anonymous Fine Art Bursary
Katrine Harries Memorial Bursary
Eduard Louis Ladan Bursary
Stella Shawzin Bursary
Simon Gerson Prize
David Marais Memorial Prize
The Michaelis Prize
Hayden Lubisi Scholarship
Judy Steinberg Prize
Matthew Somers Memorial Prize
MacIver Scholarship
Outa Scholarship
C G Saker Scholarship
Irma Stern Scholarship
Jules Kramer Music & Fine Art Scholarships and Grants
Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Award
Vivienne Cohen Materials Bursary

Historical Studies
Charles Struben Scholarship
Mandelbrote Book Prize
Marie Maud Memorial Book Prize
Eric Axelson African History Book Prize
The Diocesan College UCT 150 Memorial Book Prize

Information and Library Studies
Patricia Ashby Spilhaus Memorial Bursary
Hilda Buyskes Bursary
Exclusive Books Award
Exclusive Books Library and Information Science Prize
Wordsworth Books Prize

Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research
Bender Memorial Scholarship
Max and Rose Leiserowitz Scholarship
Annie & Lazarus Hoffman Prize

School of Languages and Literatures

African Languages and Literatures Section:
Lestrade Scholarship

Afrikaans Section:

Creative Writing Bursaries
I D du Plessis Scholarship
J B M Hertzog Scholarship
J J Smith Gedenkbeurs
Koopmans de Wet Scholarship
Nederlandse Taalunie Bursaries
Van Ewijck Foundation Scholarship

Classics (Latin and Greek) Section:

Douallier Prize
Mary Renault Memorial PEN Prize
Lawrence Prize
William Rollo Prize
French Language and Literature Section:
French Embassy Scholarships

German Language and Literature Section:

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship
German Consulate General Book Prizes

Hebrew Language and Literature Section:

Ivor Lewin Prize
Issy Sachar Memorial Essay Prize
Issy Sachar Memorial Prize for Hebrew Intensive

Italian Studies Section:

Friulian Society Scholarship
Dante Alighieri Book Prizes

South African College of Music
Erik Chisholm Memorial Graduate Bursary
Ascher Kellman Bursaries
Percival R Kirby Memorial Scholarship
Jules Kramer Music and Fine Arts Scholarships and Grants
Michael Geoffrey Brumage Bursary
Leah Gamsa Sixpense Bursary
Myra Chapman Scholarship (Undergraduate)
Myra Chapman Graduate Scholarship
Doris Macnab Scholarship
I Musicanti Chamber Orchestra Award
Van Hulsteyn Scholarship
Alba Windham Scholarship
Johnny Windham Bursary
Ania Pevsner Scholarship
Lionel Bowman Piano Prize
Laura Searle Prize for Piano Concerto
Gerry Meyer String Prize
A Rupert Prize
Peter Klatzow Prize
Stephanie Garnett Memorial Prize
Valerie Anderson Prize
Lesley Arnold Prize
Professor WH Bell Prize
Percy Ould Prize
Meyer Levinson Prize
Gregorio Fiasconaro Prize
Alfred Libochowitz Prize
Ruth Ormond Prize
Second Year Prize
Zook Fields Piano Prize
Nicholas Abbott Award for Composition
James de Villiers Piano Prize
Paul Bothner Jazz Prize
Eric Chisholm Memorial Prize for Opera
Priaulx Rainier Prize for Composition (alternate years)
Council Scholarship for Music (Undergraduate)
Gunter Pulvermacher Research Award
John and Lona Antonadis Scholarships for Strings and Piano
Ralph-Stepan Nussbaum Prize for Chamber Music
Schock Prize for Chamber Music
Nicholas Abbott Prize for Composition
Thea Estie Prize for an Accompanist
Gunther Pulvermacher Essay Prize (Undergraduate)
Gunther Pulvermacher Essay Prize (Postgraduate)

Philosophy / Political Studies
Mayshel Ticktin Scholarship

Dr Sylvia Gavron Scholarship
Phyllis Reyburn Prize
J G Taylor Prize
Lillian Buffenstein Memorial Book Award

Religious Studies
Clough Eastern Religious Study Fellowship
Lee Petolfe Ballantine Memorial Fund
Hyman Liberman Prize

Social Anthropology
Ruth Sacks Bursary

Social Development
Doreen Geffen Inner Wheel Bursary
Overbeek Scholarship
RS Locums Prize
St Leger Prize