Intercultural & Diversity Studies Unit of Southern Africa (iNCUDISA)

About us



The Intercultural and Diversity Studies Unit of Southern Africa (iNCUDISA) contributes to an area of immense need in post-apartheid South Africa, which carries the burden of historical inequalities, unacceptable levels of violence, and continued discrimination along lines of "otherness" such as race, class, gender, HIV/AIDS status, sexuality, ability, culture and ethnic affiliation.

A great deal of work needs to be done to grow a national culture in which difference is appreciated and valued, but at the same time where socially-constructed inequity is abhorred. For this reason, a critical ethos that makes an explicit link between diversity and social justice and a human rights culture needs to be fostered. iNCUDISA seeks to contribute to equitable societal transformation and entrenching democracy through its socially responsive research and education, and by building capacity related to social diversity.

iNCUDISA focuses on bringing together academic theorisation and practical approaches around questions of inclusivity and diversity in organisations, communities, and the broader society. In addition to offering the MPhil in diversity studies through the Sociology department, the unit has a sound track record in its main areas of research focus: institutional, organisational and community cultures, adjustment to change, and critical diversities/ identities. All of these are studied through a lens of critical social theory that emphasises social justice.