Research Institute on Christianity & Society in Africa

About us



The Research Institute on Christianity and Society in Africa (RICSA), headed by Professor Jim Cochrane, engages in high quality research on Christianity in public life and action in the context of the challenges of globalization, diversity and identity in Africa. RICSA has just completed a multi-year research programme on the Social History of Christianity in South Africa, with a dedicated journal, two volumes in publication, and a CD-ROM covering in excess of 5000 archival records and interpretive essays.

It is also the southern African hub of the African Religious Health Assets Programme (ARHAP), a multi-site, inter-religious, trans-disciplinary collaborative research project initiated with colleagues from Emory University, USA and conducted in collaboration with Wits University and the University of KwaZulu Natal, as well as European partners from Norway and Germany. ARHAP has completed a major study for the WHO in Zambia and Lesotho, and one in the Eastern Cape, and has published some fifty academic publications, research reports and papers in the last three years.