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The Humanities concession form is a way for students to obtain the support of heads of department or programme convenors to slightly bend curriculum rules. An HoD or convenor cannot grant a concession, however: they may support your application, but the concession must be approved and granted by the Deputy Dean once the HoD's signature is obtained. For procedure and further details, please see links at the top of this page.

Please note that there are three types of concession forms, with different requirements for signatures:


the course pre-requisite waiver needs to be signed only by the Head of Department for that subject
the general curriculum concession (deviation from majors or programmes, permission to exceed maximum course load, etc)  may be presented at registration only with the HoD signature; will be countersigned by the Deputy Dean after submission with reg form.
the timetable clash form must be signed by the Head of Department for BOTH subjects, AND by the Deputy Dean, before being presented at registration


Make sure you have the right kind of form before you approach a Head of Department.