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Change of curriculum

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Should you wish to change the courses you are currently enrolled for, it is possible to do so even after the registration period:

  • First Sem/Whole year courses: may be changed until the end of the first week of lectures, and you will receive a full refund for courses you drop or no penalty for courses you add.
  • Second Sem courses: may be changed until the end of the first week of second-semester lectures with no penalties.
  • Winter Term courses: n/a [The Winter term for 2020 will not take place due to COVID-19 and the adjusted academic calendar.]
  • Summer term courses: may be changed until the Friday preceding the start of lectures with no penalties.

Should you make any changes after these dates, you may pay fee penalties. The table below (an updated version of the one found in Sections 2.3 & 2.4 of the Fees Handbook) includes deadlines for course changes in 2020 and the corresponding penalties:


Last date to add

Last date to drop

100% Fee Adjustment

50% Fee Adjustment

Cancel transcript entry

First Semester Courses

14 Feb

5 Jun


5 Jun

Second Semester Courses

7 Aug

7 Aug

21 Aug

25 Sep

Whole Year Courses

14 Feb

5 Jun

7 Aug

14 Aug

Should you make any changes after the “Cancel transcript entry” deadline, you will receive an “INC” code on your transcript for that course, signifying that you have dropped a course after the final date for removing it from your record, as opposed to a grading or AB/DPR code.


Please note that you may not add a course to your record after the first week of the term unless you are doing so to correct a registration error and your course convenor can attest that you have been attending the course from the start of the semester. Please contact hum-ugrad@uct.ac.za should you notice a registration error on your transcript as soon as possible.

Information for Sponsored/Financial Aid-receiving students:

Curriculum changes may have funding implications. You are required to consult your funder, prior to the completion of this form, regarding the impact on your continued eligibility for funding. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have consulted and received approval from your sponsor regarding changes to your studies.

Procedure for dropping F-courses between 20 April - 5 June 2020

1. [OPTIONAL] Approach an advisor for advice -

a. Generate an unofficial transcript from PeopleSoft using the following guide for assistance.

b. For BA/BSocSci students:  Email the relevant Dr Jessica Tiffin, including your transcript.

c. For Structured Degree students: Email the relevant programme convener/advisor, including your transcript.


2. Complete an Application to Drop a Course (ACA09a) form. Note: You are not required to consult a curriculum advisor to complete this form.

3. Submit the completed ACA09a form by uploading it to a service request on PeopleSoft. For a demo of how to use service requests, see: Change Curriculum page on Vula.

[Students are not able to add courses between 20 April - 5 June 2020].