African Languages & Literatures hosts visiting scholar

10 Aug 2011 - 14:10

muwati big Dr Itai Muwati, Head of African Languages & Literatures at the University of Zimbabwe, is currently visiting UCT on a Visiting Scholars' Fund. His stay forms part of a month-long collaborative teaching and research exercise between the two institutions.

Muwati holds a PhD from UNISA and has been on the permanent staff at the University of Zimababwe since 2007 where he is both Senior Lecturer and Head of African Languages & Literatures. This visit is the result of Associate Professor Abner Nyamende's (Head of African Languages & Literatures) efforts to foster stronger links with other African languages departments in Africa. In the short time since his arrival at UCT, Muwati has been involved in teaching undergraduates classes and he will be presenting at a seminar organized by the School of Languages & Literatures on the 19 August 2011. According to Nyamende, he has already fallen in love with 'the beautiful campus and the lovely city of Cape Town.'

"Dr Muwati has expressed a high opinion of the level of teaching and research at UCT. His visit is the beginning of what should be a fruitful co-operation between the two departments. He has started preparations for a beginners' course in Shona which will facilitate the introduction of the language in the section's curriculum. Dr Muwati is also providing us with useful insight into how the African Languages & Literatures Section should manage its growth and development" commented Nyamende.

The bond between the two institutions has further enabled two staff members from Zimbabwe to register for PhDs at UCT from 2012.