Wannabe@Humanities: A student recruitment network

14 Apr 2011 - 14:39

Khwezi group

Earlier in 2011, the Humanities student recruitment office launched the now hugely popular Wannabe@Humanities Network.

The objective behind this initiative is to identify and support grade 11 and 12 learners who demonstrate academic potential and an interest in Humanities. Utilising relationships with high schools in and around Cape Town, selected learners were paired with senior Humanities students who will serve as their mentors for the duration of the academic year. The learners were carefully selected from a variety of disadvantaged schools, namely; Luhlaza, Mathew Goniwe, Zola, Mfuleni, Masibambane, Vuyiseka, Intsebenziswano, Mandela, Plumstead, South Peninsula and Livingstone. There are currently 80 grade 12 learners participating in the Wannabe@Humanities network. Grade 11s will participate from the second half of the year.

Humanities mentors: Earlier in the year, all Humanities students, from second-year level were invited to participate in the initiative. Since then, feedback from the more than sixty mentors has been very encouraging with some stating that this network allows them to make a meaningful difference in an area that they feel passionate about.

Mentorship training: Following the initial recruitment stage, volunteers participated in a mentorship training workshop where Wiedaad Dollie from Student Wellness, gave a talk on the importance of mentorship and Faculty Manager Laureen Rautenbach, provided the mentors with an overview of the project objectives and encouraged them to remain committed for the year.

In addition to scheduled activities, UCT Humanities mentors are required to maintain regular telephonic contact with their learners in order to constantly motivate and encourage them to do well in their studies as well as to provide them with general study tips.

"Student For A Day"

Another great initiative from this campaign is the "Student For A Day Programme" which aims to provide learners with a taste of how it feels to be a UCT student. Over a period of three days during the first week in April (5-7 April 2011) a group of selected learners attended lectures and toured the campus with their humanities mentors.

For more information and future Wannabe@Humanities events, contact Khwezi Bonani on: (021) 650-5235 and keep an eye on the Humanities online calendar.