Emergency maintenance to be conducted on UCT's telephony service

ICTS engineers will be conducting emergency maintenance on the infrastructure that supports UCT's telephony service. The maintenance will happen today (23rd January) from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

During this time, incoming and outgoing calls may be affected.

Should you experience any telephony problems after the maintenance has been completed, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

Changes to the SAVC payment process

Dear Animal Users and Animal Ethics Committee members,

Please see the attached documentation which describes changes the Office of Research Integrity have made to the administration of the SAVC payment process. It is hoped that these steps will streamline the process and eliminate the frustration and confusion associated with payment of initial application and/or annual maintenance fees.

Kind regards,

UCT Office of Research Integrity


Poliomyelitis Funding Opportunities for February 2018

Dear Heads of Department, Directors of Research Units, Chairpersons of DRCs and Researchers

The Poliomyelitis Research Foundation (PRF) has some funding opportunities available for February 2018. Please visit their website (www.prf.ac.za) for guidance on the different funding opportunities that is currently on offer.

Please note that the closing dates for the PRF have changed. Funding opportunities are now only offered twice a year in February and September.


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