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New, first-year students may find themselves slightly alarmed by the huge, confusing space of the institution. This is why the first academic year begins with Orientation. In a normal year, orientation would be a four-day programme run in the week or two before registration at the start of the year. Under COVID conditions, with registration and the bulk of teaching operating in the remote mode, orientation will also be a remote process. We will do our best to introduce you both to the university, and to the particular demands of remote learning, via our Vula orientation website.

The late release of Matric results this year means that we will have minimal time between making final offers and registration/the start of the year. We will thus make orientation provisionally available to all students with a conditional offer; from the last week of February you will have access to our orientation Vula site. (Vula is the university's web-based content delivery service, which once you are registered will also provide tabs for each individual course you will do).

  • All applicants who have received a provisional offer of a Humanities place will be emailed in February, with details of how to access the Humanities Orientation Vula website.
  • We are very aware of the different levels of bandwidth and computer access for different students; the orientation programme will not require video viewing, most of it is text-based, and you should be able to access it via a phone.
  • Please note that this is provisional orientation access and does not mean you have been given a final offer of a place. When final Matric results are released, if you do not meet our requirements you will have your access to the site removed. Please do, however, make use of the time in February to go through the site's material in preparation for your potential registration, you will not have time to prepare for registration in the short space between the release of results and registration itself.
  • You do NOT need to attend Orientation if you are moving into the Faculty of Humanities from another faculty at UCT, or if you are transferring to UCT after a year or more at another university. You will probably have attended Orientation at your previous institution or faculty. You will find some aspects of Orientation in Humanities at UCT useful, in particular the curriculum design information, but you may also find that other briefing material is unnecessary as you are already an experienced student.

What happens in orientation?

Orientation is the lifeline that will introduce you as a new student to the campus and the life of the university, and will start to guide you through your first year and your course of study as a whole. On the site you can explore material which covers the various aspects of your studies and life at UCT:

  • university structures and systems;
  • computer skills, Vula and other UCT computer systems:
  • choosing courses and structuring a degree;
  • the registration process;
  • student support services;
  • other aspects of university and student life.

Orientation leaders - senior undergraduate students - will be available on the site later from March to answer your questions, and just before registration you will have the opportunity to check your planned curriculum with an advisor, who will help you to prepare to submit your course choices for formal registration.

When does Orientation take place?

February: you will receive the email with access details to the orientation site, and can work through the site materials in your own time to prepare yourself for your year at UCT.

Early March: curriculum advisors will be available on the site to assist you to prepare for registration.

Early March: Registration.

We look forward to meeting you virtually and welcoming you to Humanities and to UCT!