Under the remote teaching processes necessitated by the COVID epidemic, all concessions must be arranged via email.

1.     Please download the fillable PDF form from the links in the right-hand sidebar. Make sure you have the correct form for the concession you require.

2.     Fill in your details on the form. Include as much detail as possible on the concession you are requesting:

o    the name and code of the course concerned

o    the particular rule you are asking permission to break. See the different kinds of concession (link in left-hand sidebar), for useful wording. Many students submit concession forms with extremely incomplete details, so please be careful and comprehensive in this.

o    the reasons why you need to ask this. Good reasons include being unable to complete a prerequisite because of a timetable clash, or trying to prevent an extra year of study by doing, for example, first and second-year courses together. (See notes under "Types" for further examples).

3.     Email the concession form to the head of the relevant department, or departments, or, in some cases, to your programme convenor; there is a Head of Department contact list downloadable from the right-hand sidebar.

o    It's important that you watch your email, in case they need to ask you further questions about concession details you haven't included.

o    The HoD/convenor will either support your request or refuse to do so. Remember that curriculum rules exist for good reason: the HoD/convenor is perfectly within their rights to refuse if they feel you don't have a good chance at passing, or if the rules-bend you are requesting threatens the logic or integrity of the course, programme or major.

o    Remember that a timetable clash request needs to be supported by the HoD of BOTH departments concerned.

4.     Submit the signed form on Peoplesoft along with your registration form, or, once term has started, your change of curriculum form. The concession will be passed on to the Deputy Dean within the Peoplesoft process; he will decide whether to grant the concession or not. If the concession is refused you will be informed of the fact by phone or email.

5.     Granted concessions are circulated to the faculty on the Dean's Circular, and the form is filed in your file for reference when checking if you have qualified for your degree.