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Student advisors

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The Faculty of Humanities has a team of curriculum advisors for undergraduate students, available throughout the semester (see consultation times below). When you meet with a curriculum advisor, always make sure you bring along:

  1. a printout of your academic record, and
  2. a Change of Curriculum form. 

Change of curriculum forms can be downloaded from the UCT Student Administration web page. Click on the Change of Curriculum form (ACA09) (see right-hand sidebar also). We encourage you to visit UCT Student Administration web page regularly since most administrative forms are available from this URL. 

Your academic record must be printed off the UCT Peoplesoft system on the web; make sure you have printed a new version since the last time you made changes to your curriculum. Note that the academic record runs a report which may give you a page listing all the times you have requested the record in the past; if it does this, make sure you click on the most recent date, not an old one which may not be up to date.

Structured Programme Advisors 2020

Students in structured programmes, i.e. those other than the general degrees, should see their programme convenors for curriculum advice. 

Film and Media Production third-year students
Marion Walton (Media production) or Ian Rijsdijk (Film production)
Social Work students
PPE students
Theatre and Dance Performance degrees and diplomas
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art
Music degrees and diplomas
Your section head, or Sheila Taylor if you are not sure who that is



Please see the curriculum advice assignment tool on Vula for submission of curriculum advice requests.