Courses that will NOT involve face-to-face teaching in Semester 2

28 Jun 2021 - 11:15

Humanities Undergraduate Handbook 2021

Course Codes/Courses that will NOT involve face-to-face teaching in Semester 2


CODES: ALL courses with the following prefix codes











COURSES: ONLY these courses with the following prefix codes

FAM1000S Analysing Film and TV

FAM1010S Analysing Film and TV +

FAM2003S Media, Power and Culture

FAM2004S Cinema: Histories and Movements

FAM2016S Media, Power and Culture +

FAM3001S Advanced Media Studies

FAM3003S Advanced Film Studies

FIN1009S Approaches to Art History

FIN2028S Discursive Strategies

FIN3027S Strategies for Art

FIN3029S Critical Studies in Art History and Visual Culture

MAM1016S Quantitative Literacy for the Social Sciences

SLL1002S Word Power

SLL1097S Introducing Ancient History

SLL1136S The World of Aeneas: An Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture

SLL2/3055S Athenian Life and Culture

SLL2/3056S Roman Society and Law

SWK1004S Basic Professional Interaction

SWK2013S Community and Youth Development

SWK2014S Community and Youth Development +

SWK2065S Social Work Intervention

SWK3066S Contemporary Social Work Issues

SWK4016S Social Work Research Project Paper

SWK4031S Psychosocial Functioning and Empowerment

SWK4032S Social Policy and Management

TDP1030S South African Performance Geneaologies +

TDP1045S South African Performance Geneaologies

TDP2011S Topics in Theatre and Dance Studies

TDP2013S Topics in Theatre and Dance Studies +

TDP3018S Production Processes




No EDN prefix code courses are available to Undergraduate students


The following prefix code courses that appear in the Humanities Undergraduate Handbook are NOT Humanities Faculty courses. Students intending to register for courses with these or any other prefix codes must ascertain whether they will involve face to face teaching from the departments concerned:

ACC [Commerce Faculty]

AGE [Science Faculty]

BUS [Commerce Faculty]

CML [Law Faculty]

CSC [Commerce Faculty]

ECO [Commerce Faculty]

EGS [Science Faculty]

FTX [Commerce Faculty]

GEO [Science Faculty]

INF [Commerce Faculty]

MAM [Science Faculty]

PVL [Law Faculty]

STA [Science Faculty]