Live Art Workshop

1 Aug 2019 - 12:15

Judith Olivia Manantenansoa 'Limits' Photo:  Carla Eagles

The Institute for Creative Art's (ICA) Live Art Workshop, which took place under the direction of ICA Director Associate Professor Jay Pather, was aimed at creative artists, thinkers and practitioners in a range of fields – including sociology, political science, anthropology, psychology, urbanism, literature, digital technology etc – who have an interest in experimental practice and performance. 

Kresiah Mukwazhi Zvisaririra (traces) Photo:  Carla Eagles

The Workshop engaged participants in a rich programme of workshops and lectures in choreography, sound and lighting design, dance and movement, amongst other disciplines, presented by esteemed practitioners and educators from South Africa, Mozambique, India, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Palestine and Egypt.

Mthuthuzeli Zimba HABASHWE! (Let Them Die)  Photo:  Carla Eagles

Following this highly successful series of interdisciplinary workshops held over three weeks, the 25 participants presented short performance excerpts and concepts for live art works at the Public Showing held on UCT's Hiddingh Campus in April. The Showing was attended by the public and a range of guests from South Africa, Egypt, India, China and Switzerland.

Vuyi Qubeka 're-membering'.  Photo;  Carla Eagles